Cold River Construction

Window and Door Replacements

Cold River Construction Company offers whole house window and door replacement packages for those seeking both a significant energy savings as well as an opportunity for a dramatic aesthetic improvement to any room.

The dramatic increases in heating oil costs experienced by Alaska in 2021 and 2022 might influence your decision to make an energy efficiency upgrade. Replacing old wood or spec grade vinyl sliding windows with quality vinyl triple pane casement windows can dramatically increase the comfort of any room. Casements allow significantly less air intrusion due to their tighter closing configuration, and the third pane of glass adds at least 60% greater r value than similar double pane units. Further, this r-3 to r-5 upgrade can be done for only 10-15% higher material cost and with no additional labor expenditure.

Concerning aesthetics, your imagination is the limit. We have trimmed windows with paint grade trim, stained and clear coated furniture grade wood, as well as with tile surrounds in shower enclosures. If your windows are currently just a place to put curtains - let us give you a reason to leave your curtains open.

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