Cold River Construction

Whole House Renovations

Cold River Construction Company enjoys the challenge of renovation work and would be pleased to discuss your older home and its unique potential. If you have an older home with personality, with sentimental value (an established garden, an orchard or near your favorite trail or lake), an unmatched view, or close to your children’s school but it no longer meets your needs, perhaps renovation is a better fit than spending $400,000-$500,000 on a new home that is identical to everyone else’s. While modern homes tend to be much more energy efficient than those from the 80’s and before, they also tend to be very similar in design and often built by spec builders with an eye on cost more than on quality. Many new homes have hollow core interior doors, mdf trim, white sliding double pane windows, cheaply finished bathrooms and kitchens, and T-111 on three sides. And it goes without saying that the interest rates changes in 2023 could make leveraging some equity more palatable.

Working in concert with our network of professional trade contractors, we can make almost any home rate 5 star plus while keeping the character that sets the home apart from your neighbors. We can strip the exterior walls and fur walls in or add foam to bring up r values. We can replace inefficient windows with triple pane casements. We can upgrade outdated electrical systems and replace fixtures with energy efficient ones. We can replace the mechanical system and change heat types entirely if you prefer forced air, baseboard or radiant over what you currently have. We can literally turn your existing home into your new home.

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