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After nearly 20 years in business, we have a few recommendations for anyone who is considering a large renovation or remodel project and they all revolve around time.

The first and most important is allowing plenty of time for design work and selections. It is not uncommon for preliminary plans to be revised (we have had successful projects go through over a dozen major revisions before being finalized) and these revisions frequently require new estimates to be provided inhouse or from subcontractors so a revised project scope and estimate can be generated. It regularly takes three months or more from the first consultation through signing of construction documents. Start early.

The second consideration is the lead time on special order items. Several years ago you could expect to get windows, cabinets or appliances within 6-8 weeks from the date of order. This is simply not the case right now. Our last cabinet order took approximately twenty weeks and windows are currently taking closer to twelve. Start early.

Third, Alaska has a relatively short building season for exterior work. This leads to established contractors typically having the season booked before it begins. Again, start early.

Below are some links we think may be helpful when considering a construction project.

EPA Renovate Right Brochure
Critical information regarding homes built pre 1978.

Anchorage Home Builder's Association
A great resource for help with your construction questions.

Alaska Search Marketing
They updated my website and help me get found on search engines.

Houzz - Remodeling Ideas
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Alaska Home
Want to see what your neighbors are doing with their homes? Try Alaska Home.

11.17 Design Studio LLC
Are you looking for professional design services? We enjoyed working with Caroline Storm in the past and think you will too. She is an Anchorage based architect that now focuses on commercial work, but you might be able to interest her in a project. Her website is

Land Information, Zoning, Regulations & Codes
Anchorage residents. You can find permitting information here.

Matanuska-Susitna Borough Code Compliance
Mat-Su Burough residents. You can find permitting, setback and flood zone information here.

Cold Climate Housing Research Center
Provides information for people who want to learn about building in Alaska.

Here are some product links for companies we enjoy working with: